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Sports Supplement Glossary



5HTP stands for 5-hydroxytrytophan. It came from the L-trytophan amino acid as its byproduct. It is one of the well-known compounds used in supplements that helps consumers with anxiety, depression and insomnia. It is found in a certain plant from Africa.


7-Keto is known to form DHEA, which is important in the metabolism for glucose. See DHEA



Stands for arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate. It is a naturally occurring antioxidant from plants. It can help boost performance in training, as well as endurance needed for long workout sessions.


Acai is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the Acai plant. It is one of the ingredients that are commonly found in weight loss supplements nowadays.


Acidophillus is a type of probiotic that is good for promoting digestion.

African Mango

A fruit found in Central and West Africa. Either unripe or ripe, the mango’s flesh is enjoyed by many in the country due to its tastiness. Its seed is used to create supplements that support weight loss, particularly in lessening body fat. 


Agmantine is a chemical compound found in a type of amino acid called arginine, which is commonly found in several sports supplements. Agmantine in supplements promote more pumps when working out. It also supports developing a lean body. 


Alfalfa is a plant that is known for its high protein amount, which is why it is also used for herbal supplements meant for bodybuilders.


Also called aloe vera. Aloe vera. Aloe has a gel that contains a lot of properties, such as the ability to cleanse the digestive system. With this, nutrients that bodybuilders need can be acquired easily with better digestion.

Alpha-Lipolic Acid

Also called as ALA. ALA is a type of fatty acid just like omega-3. ALA is easily absorbed by the body, making it excellent as a supplement. Enzymes are stimulated by ALA in order to provide more energy for the body once food is digested.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are naturally-occurring compounds that create proteins when formed together. Protein is very important for the human body. When the protein breaks down into amino acids upon consumption and digestion, it provides several benefits that are excellent for workout. Protein is known to strengthen the muscles, and helps develop a leaner muscle tone.


Androstenedione is labeled as a steroid due to its anabolic properties. It is the World Anti-Doping Agency who listed androstendione as one of the banned substances.


Antioxidants are known to combat free radicals that prevents the oxidation of the body, and thus weakening the human cells, which ultimately leads to sickness and weakening. Antioxidants help protect your body, as these organic compounds are capable of eliminating free radicals once taken regularly. These antioxidants are found in several plants such as citrus fruits and coffee beans. Known antioxidants are Vitamins A, C and various minerals such as Zinc. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a highly acidic vinegar that contains several health benefits, and is rich in antioxidants. It is used in making dressings, or as an ingredient in some dishes. It is capable of reducing blood sugar levels for a healthier life, and aids greatly in weight loss. That’s why apple cider vinegar is also used as an ingredient for health supplements.

Apple Pectin

Apple pectin is an organic antioxidant that helps improve the digestive system by getting rid of unwanted elements out of the digestive system.


Arginine is a type of amino acid that supports more pumps and helps develop a lean muscle tone. The capability of arginine in promoting more pumps when lifting is because of its benefit in vasodilating blood vessels.


The artichoke’s extract is used widely in supplements for its flavenoids that’s excellent for liver health, as well as a powerful antioxidant.


Ashwaganda is a plant that has its extract used as a powerful antioxidant. Ashwaganda is also used in workout supplements due to its energy-giving properties.

Aspartic Acid

Aspartid acid is a non-essential amino acid that helps protein to be built in the body. It is also known to be good in assisting improvement in protein intake for bodybuilders.



Banaba is a plant that has its leaves used for herbal supplements. Banaba is good for fat-burner supplements because of its ability to promote weight loss and increase metabolism.


A long metal bar, could be straight or curved depending on the purpose. This is used in gyms to lift weights to promote muscle mass, strength and leanness. Plates are used to add weights to the barbell on both ends of it.


The barberry fruit is an antioxidant that aids with digestion. It is also good for overall wellness, and is often taken with Vitamin C.


Meat from cows that are rich in protein. The amino acids found in cow meat are used in some sports supplements. 


Also called as beetroot. Beet is a root crop that contains folate and manganese. Beet is very good for metabolism and digestion. It is also rich in antioxidants.


A type of citrus fruit that’s used in supplements through its juice extract and oils. The oil and extracts are known to reduce lipids and cholesterol in the body, making it ideal for sports supplements.


Beta-alanine is an organic amino acid that’s known to increase energy to promote performance, making it a excellent for sports supplements meant for athletes. 


The biceps are the muscles found at the front part of the upper arm. Dumbbell curls are the most common types of exercise designed to improve bicep mass and strength, as it contracts with every dumbbell curl reps. 


The bilberry fruit is extracted for making supplements because it is rich in vitamins. It also contains tannins, and is a good source of antioxidants. It also promotes the blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.


Biotin is also called as Vitamin B7, which is good for the skin. With a healthy skin for females, taking a jog outside will not be a problem for their skin.


A person who focuses on bodybuilding to improve their own muscle leanness, strength, stamina, overall health, and performance when bodybuilding. Bodybuilders are known to take sports supplements regularly, and are knowledgeable in counting their protein and calorie intake everyday. Some bodybuilders might join competitions, while others do it as a hobby. Some bodybuilders do it as a hobby or a passion, while others instruct beginners and experienced bodybuilders alike.


The act of performing exercises meant for promoting muscle strength and leanness. It is considered as an extreme sport as it pushes muscles to the limit, which is known to have a side effect of muscle pain around 24 hours after bodybuilding. Bodybuilding also consists of diet and supplement intake in order to provide more protein to promote leanness and strength of the muscles. 

Bone Broth

When the bones are boiled for an extended period of time, preferably several hours, to gather the tissues in it. Broth comes in the form of a concentrated liquid, which is used for soup recipes and gravy. Broth is also used to create sports supplements, as it is rich in protein and several nutrients.

Branch-Chained Amino Acids

Branch-chained amino acids, or BCAA, are known to be three of the nine amino acids that form protein. BCAA is composed of the amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. These three promote muscle preservation to keep muscle leanness even when resting from bodybuilding. It also promotes greatly in developing muscle leanness, which is excellent for bodybuilders that are going to compete. Protein-rich supplements and food such as beef are rich in BCAA. 


Burdock is a plant that is good for body detoxification.



Caffeine is a stimulant that is known to be capable of blocking adenosine in the brain’s receptors. Blocking the adenosine prevents the brain from executing tiredness, thus increasing energy. This does not only keep you awake, but can also make you last long when exercising or bodybuilding. Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and in many sports supplements as well. Energy drinks are also known to be capable of providing caffeine in high amounts.


Calcuim is a mineral that’s famous for promoting the strength of the bones. Keeping one’s bone strength is also essential in bodybuilding, which greatly prevents bone-related injuries when lifting very heavy weights. 


Carbohydrates are biomolecules that are found in several types of food. It is abundant in bread and rice, while other foods rich in carbohydrates are fruits, grains, dairy products and vegetables. Some junk food are also known to contain high amounts of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important for providing you energy through calories. Intake of carbohydrates is often moderated by bodybuilders to avoid accumulating too much calories, and to provide the right amount of energy for workouts.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is derived from milk protein, and is considered as the slower-digesting version of whey protein.


Cayenne is commonly used as a spice. It is also used in supplements because of the vitamins that it contains. It also promotes cardiovascular health, digestion and is good for weight loss purposes.


Chia seeds are known to be potent antioxidants. It is also rich in protein, and contains the fatty acid omega-6.


Chitosan is a natural byproduct that came from the enzymes of crustaceans. This naturally occurring product is used in supplements nowadays. Chitosan has been researched and is proven to be good in absorbing cholesterol, and is good as a fat-burner. Some pre-workout supplements have chitosan because of this benefit.


Choline is found in animal meat and fat. Choline is known to be excellent in the structural buildup of the cells, which results in better muscle development. 


Chondroiting is a chemical present in the joints and bone cartilage of animals and humans. The chondroiting from animals, particularly in beef bone, is extracted and is used in supplements. Chondrioitin is famous as a supplement ingredient as it promotes joint, eye and bone health. 


Chromium is a compound present in the human body. Chromium is capable of supporting the blood sugar levels. It is also known to promote the heart health as well, and is widely used in sports supplements. 


Circumin is a component found in turmeric that assists well in improving one’s cardiovascular health.


Citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is still used in supplements as it can support arginine, and boosts workout performance.


Cleanse, or cleansing, is the act of detoxifying the body from free radicals and other toxins. This can be done through the means of adjusting the diet, as well as taking sport supplements rich in antoxidants. Setting up a vegan meal plan is one way to cleanse, while non-vegan eaters can also set up a meal plan that’s rich in nutrients and various antioxidants found in nutrient-rich foods. 


Collagen is a protein that’s found in abundance in the human body. Collagen is also found in some food such as the tendon of the beef. Collagen is often extracted and used to create supplements that are rich in improving muscle mass, as well as boost the quality of one’s skin and the overall health of the skin. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or also known as CLA, is a type of fatty acid present in dairy products and some meat. CLA is extracted so then it can be used for supplements, as it assists in burning fat when exercising. It also has the special capability of preventing fat from being stored in your cells, which is a great support when working out and setting up meal plans with low calories.


Also called as ubiquinone and Coenzyme Q. COQ10 is found in the human body, and in some animals as well. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants to ever exist. 


The cordyceps is a type of fungi that’s mostly present in larvae of insects, and is often found in the mountainous areas of China. Some laboratories nowadays have found ways to cultivate this special fungi in labs, which are then distributed in supplement manufacturers as an ingredient for their products. Cordyceps have the benefit of improving testosterone, sexual health for more energy, and also boosts kidney health.


The cranberry fruit contains a lot of antioxidants that the body can benefit from. It is rich in vitamins A and C.


Creatine is one of the most popular compounds used by bodybuilders around the world. Creatine is often used to improve the muscle mass, as well as improve energy to boost performance and strenght. Many pre-workout supplements and products are rich in creatine, and is often considered as a main ingredient for such consumables.


This is Kre-Alkalyn or buffered creatine. This is known to be another type of creatine that can be easily absorbed by the body, compared to the standard creating (which is also called as creatine monohydrate).

Creatine Loading

Creating loading is a term used by bodybuilders when someone supplements themselves with rich amounts of creatine before working out. This is often used as a term when loading creating amounts that are four times the recommended dosage within a span of up to two weeks. 


A type of exercise which is also considered as a lifestyle, too. It was founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman, and is designed to provide a safer means to balance extensive workouts and proper nutrition intake. 


A substance that’s present in turmeric. It gives turmeric is distinctive yellow color and flavor, as well as a lot of health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory component in turmeric, and is known as one of the finest antioxidants in the world. 


  1. Aspartic Acid

A well-known type of amino acid that’s often used in supplements designed to boost testosterone. Testosterone is very important if a bodybuilder needs to receive more energy when in the gym, and is very important for a male’s sexual health. This amino acid is capable of dramatically boosting the testosterone in the body.


Dandelion is a type of common weed found in parks and other outdoor areas. It is also used as a type of herbal sports supplement, as it is capable of treating infections in the body. It also promotes kidney health, as well as prevent urinary tract infection when used correctly for medicinal purposes.

Deer Antler

Deer antler has been used widely as a medicinal ingredient for several centuries already. Nowadays, the deer antler velvet that’s responsible for growing the deer antlers, are often used as an ingredient in supplements. It is used to promote energy for performance purposes, as well as treat certain conditions such as high blood pressure and asthma.

Dessicated Liver

Dessicated liver is a type of natural product that’s used in supplements. It contains vitamin B which is good for mental health and brain function. It also contains iron and folic acid, which is beneficial for muscle buildup. It is also a good fat-burner as well.


The common and shortened term for detoxification. Detoxification is the process of eliminating free radicals and toxins in the body through diet or supplement intake. See Cleanse.


Also called as dehydroepiandrosterone. It is a type of hormone produced by the adrenal glands of humans. This is often used as an ingredients that are targeted to improve energy when bodybuilding, as well as improve sex hormones for both men and women.


This is a term used for the food taken by a person on a daily basis. It is often known as meal to those who do not focus on bodybuilding and exercising. Diet is also known to be the act for a meal plan wherein restrictions towards food are implemented in order to intake the proper nutrients intended to lose weight and improve overall health. Bodybuilders also commit to the act of dieting to improve the necessary nutrients needed to improve muscle mass, strength and leanness.

Digestive Enzymes

These are proteins that are present in the body, which is responsible for breaking down the food consumed to extract the nutrients, antioxidants, and amino acids present in the food consumed. These enzymes are present in the gall bladder, liver, intestines, pancreas and saliva. 


Also called as DIM. It is a type of compound found in cauliflower and broccoli. One of its most popular is cancer prevention.


This is a substance that’s found in the body, which is responsible for the production of urine. Duiretic is present in some fruits such as apples. This prevents bloating or lessens it. It is also used as an ingredient in supplements to promote the leanness of the muscle.


Also called as 1.3-dimethylamylamine. It is derived from ampethamine, which is a very powerful stimulant that’s chemically created. It is very unsafe and is often found in banned supplements.


A dumbbell is a bar that’s shorter than the barbell, and is often carried by one arm only. Weighted plates are also attached on both ends of it to increase its weight. It is often used to train the biceps and triceps. 



Also known as ECA stack. ECA stands for Ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin stacked together as a supplement meant to dramatically boost its consumer’s energy. It is extremely effective, and is tested in labs to participants with remarkable results. The results show that the participants lost up to two additional pounds in a month (with the help workout aside from ECA supplement intake). USA and Canada decide to ban ECA supplements due to its potential side effects, particularly side effects related to the heart. 


Ecdysterone is a natural byproduct found in some plants. It supports well in promoting muscle buildup.


Echinacea is a plant that flowers when matured. This flowering plant is often used as a supplement ingredient as it is capable of boosting the immune system, and is capable of combating the common cold. 


Also called as essential fatty acids. These are namely omega-3, omega-6, and linolelic acid. These cannot be generated by the body, but is very important for improving overall health once taken as supplements.


Also known as Epigallocatechin-3-gallate. It is a natural antioxidant found in green tea.


Egg is rich in protein, which is why bodybuilders often add eggs as part of their diet. Egg protein is also extracted to make protein-rich supplements. Egg protein intake also serves as a substitute to whey.


The elderberry is a type of berry that has a wide variety of micronutrients that can support the immune system. It is also capable of strongly combating the symptoms of cold and flu.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are types of beverages that promote energy at a high level. The most common ingredient present in energy drinks is caffeine. 


Ephedrine is a stimulant that was once popular in supporting weight loss. However, it is now commonly used as a decongestant for nasal problems. Ephedrine is known to have serious side effects when used as a supplement, which is why it was preferred to be used as a decongestant.

Essential Amino Acids

Also called as EAA. The essential amino acids are amino acids that the body cannot naturally produce. It is only found in foods that are mostly perfect for setting up a meal plan for dieting. There are nine amino acids in total: valine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, hystidine, tryptophan, and threonine. 

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are important in the human body. Essential fatty acids are alpha-linolenic, linolenic, and omega-3 and 6 acids. Fatty acids can be acquired by eating seafoods, plant oils, seeds and nuts. Sports supplement manufacturers often use fatty acids as ingredients to provide our needs in acquiring essential fatty acids. 

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil came from the evening primrose flower. It contains essential fatty acids in abundant amounts, making it an excellent wellness supplement for those with active lifestyles.


Evodiamine is rarely used in weight loss supplements, but is often sought for by those who know this plant. The extract from evodiamine is capable of fat burning, and is a very safe ingredient to use in weight loss supplements.


A physical activity that requires physical effort that can cause sweating. Exercise can last long depending on stamina. 


Fat Burner

A term used for a type of supplement that’s designed to reduce weight by eliminating, or burning, fat in the body. Fat loss supplements are known to increase body temperature, which is excellent to couple with exercise to increase the amount of stored body fat burned. Some fat burners are also capable of suppressing appetite, too. It is highly advisable to follow the dosage indicated in the supplement, as excessive intake of fat burners can be harmful to the body. 

Fat Grip

Also called as far gripz. It is a device in gyms that is wrapped around the grip of weights. This can increase the diameter of barbells and dumbbells, which have an effect in muscle growth as you exercise with the help of fat gripz.


Fenugreek is a type of herb that grows in the Mediterranean areas. Fenugreek is common in some food and drinks as a flavoring ingredient. Fenugreek has been used medicinally to maintain blood sugar, and can also help increase the milk of lactating mothers. Fenugreek is also added in several supplements sold in the market.


Also spelled out as fibre. Fiber is a very important substance found in many plants, particularly the green vegetables. It is found from the walls of the green vegetables, and aids well in digestion. Digestion is very important for the body to easily absorb the nutrients it needs, and is extremely important to be taken by those with active lifestyle as well.

Fish Oil

A part of the fish that’s rich in Omega-3. See Omega-3

Flax Seed Oil

Flax seed oil is an extract from flax seeds that is greatly beneficial for joint health, making it a perfect ingredient for supplements meant for middle-aged men and old men who still exercise on a regular basis. It is also excellent for cardiovascular health.


Fo-Ti is a plant that contains strong antioxidant properties. It is capable of improving the immune system, and is good in assisting the oestrogen in women.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a B vitamin that’s water soluble. It is good for developing better human cells, which can be beneficial for a better body when aiming for a better body tone and better lifestyle.


Forksolin is a type of plant. Its extract is popular in weight loss supplements, as it has fat-burning properties, and also increases metabolism rate.


Fucozanthin is a type of plant that has its extract used in weight loss supplements nowadays. Aside from improving metabolic rate in the body, it also has properties that can burn fat away.

Functional Food

Functional food are types of diet that are meant to provide an increased amount of nutrition. Foods like these focus on nutrients rather than flavor.



Gaba is also called as Gamma Aminobutyric Acid. Gaba acts as a neurotransmitter that helps decrease the excitability of the nervous system. This then helps promote sleeping and resting. This is a very good ingredient used in supplements meant for bodybuilders who need an improves rest for their muscle development.

Gamma Orizanol

Gamma oizanol is the name of a mixture of plant products that occur naturally. This is a known testosterone booster that’s meant for male supplements. It is also very beneficial for overall health and wellness due to the variety of nutrients that it contains.


A spice that’s popularly used in many parts of the world, in various cuisines. Garlic has been used widely for several centuries as a herbal medicine, aside from being a food and ingredient in dishes. Garlic greatly supports cardiovascular health, and is a well-known antioxidant.


A plant that generates geranium oil. The oil is known to calm nerves, and is widely used as a treatment for nerve health. This also improves performance when exercising, as well as burn fat. 

Ginger Root

The ginger crop is contains antioxidants. Ginger is also good for blood circulation, which can help promote maintenance of blood pressure and better pumps at the gym.

Gingko Biloba

Gingo biloba is good for boosting brain function, which is good for athletes if present in one of the ingredients for their supplements. It is also an energy booster, and is found in some sports drinks. 


Ginseng is a type of root crop that’s often used as a herbal medicine, and ingredient for supplements. Ginseng is good for pre-workout supplements because it promotes muscle recovery during workouts, and is a well-known ingredient for energy-boosting supplements and drinks.


Stands for Gamma Linolelic Acid. This is a type of amino acid that is beneficial for fat loss, and supports cariovascular health. This is one of the best ingredients in weight loss supplements, and some pre-workout supplements as well.


Glucomannan is a product from some plants. It is used as an ingredient for supplements due to its fat soluble properties, and its ability to burn it. 


Glucosamine is a type of amino sugar that has an important task of synthesizing the fats and protein. Glucosamine is good for the joints, which is why it is added to sports supplements targeted for older men. It also supports the health of the bone cartilages to toughen it up.


Glutamine is found in the human body in enormous amounts. This can be acquired by eating protein from animal meat, too. Glutamine has the capability of reducing anxiety and depression. It also helps improve the health of your intestines for better digestion, which is vital for bodybuilders and people with an active lifestyle. Glutamine also promotes muscle mass, and can boost energy for better performance when working out.


Glutathione is natural in the human body, and it came from glycine – an amino acid, as well as glutamic acid with cysteine. Glutathione helps repair and re-create new tissues, particularly to the skin. It also helps improve our immune system.


A term used to a category of food that does not contain the protein gluten, which is found in grains such as wheat, oats, rye and barley. Those who are sensitive in their gluten intake require these types of food. 


Creates Creatine. See Creatine.


Goji’s plant extract is popular for its wide variety of minerals, vitamin C and anitoxidants. It also contains protein as well, with 18 amino acids in it. It is often used as an ingredient for supplements, and is highly sought after in the market. 


Goldenseal’s extract is used to boost metabolism and improve digestive health. It is also good for the immune system.


GPLC is a known compound found in L-carnatine. GPLC is an antioxidant that has the capability to boost energy as well.

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract is an antioxidant, and is good for toughening the body’s ligaments, which is perfect for workouts.


It is a term used for vegetables, particularly the leafy ones that are rich in fiber.

Green Coffee Bean

The seed of the coffee cherry that’s not yet roasted. This is high in acid and is often fruity in terms of taste. Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which is excellent in maintaining blood pressure. It is more popular for its ability to reduce weight once its extract is used as a supplement, and is a power antioxidant just like coffee.

Green Tea



A term used in supplements that are created from vegetables that underwent a dehydration and powdering procedure for it to be fit in a capsule. It contains micronutrients that are easier for the body to absorb, but still contains the right amount of nutrients that people can take when eating vegetables in a daily basis.


A plant that contains caffeine. See caffeine


Guggul-sterones is a product that naturally occurs in some plants. Its extract is capable of improving skin health and metabolism.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestreis a plant. Its extract maintains the glucose levels in the body for better health.


A building or a unit that contains specialized equipment intended for intense strength exercises, such as weightlifting. Equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, pulleys, and many more, once used correctly, can promote an improvement to strength, and make the muscle tone look better. Some machines in the gym are also intended for cardio-vascular activities, such as the treadmill, which is beneficial for weight loss regimens. This is where bodybuilders work out, as well as people who aspire to have a better lifestyle and body figure.


It is a plant that’s widely used in health supplements because of its powerful antioxidants.


Hawthorne Berry

The hawthorne berry’s extract is a well-known antioxidant added to sports supplements. It is also great for cardiovascular function improvement, which is another reason why sports supplement manufacturers prefer hawthorne berries.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein came from the hemp plant. This is an extract that is rich in amino acids, and therefore proteins. It is a well-known muscle builder, but is only used as a supplement ingredient in select areas around the world. 


Hica is also called as alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid, as well as leucic acid. It is a type of leucine that can help improve muscle mass and improve the muscle’s synthesis once it undergoes intense strength exercises.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

Also called as HBCD. It is a type of carbohydrate that can dissolve easily once digested by the body. It is very important in assisting the reduction of insulin spikes.


Also called as hydroxymethylbutyrate. It is a byproduct that’s present in the human body once leucine breaks down. The known benefit of HMB is a boost in performance when exercising or when playing sports.

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gordonii’s extract is known to be a top-quality fat-burner, as well as a good energy booster as well.


Hordenine is a product that’s often found in grains and green plants such as grass and some vegetables. Hordenine is almost similar to amino acid, and is known to improve energy and is an excellent weight loss ingredient as well.

Horny Goat Weed

A popular plant present in many supplements in the market. Horny Goat Weed is a native plant in Asia. It promotes sexual activity, as the name suggests. 


Humanofort is a type of peptide that was extracted from chicken embryos. Just like an egg, the humanofort extract is good for the muscles, as it improves its buildup after workout. It is also good for releasing hormones that are vital to the body, particularly when it comes to the need to workout.


Improves brain function and concentration, which is good for athletes who need supplements. Also, Huperzine-A naturally occurs in some plants.

Hydrolyzed Protein

This is a type of protein that’s been broken down into tripeptides and dipeptides, which is then quickly absorbed by the body to promote faster recovery time. Thus, hydrolyzed protein is good for intra-workout supplements. 


A type of substance that can absorb the moisture of an environment.


Informed Choice Certified

A certification that’s used globally for sports supplements. This is provided to products that do not contain any ingredients that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.


It is a plant-based product that is used as an extract in supplements. Inosine promptes better oxygen flow, which is good for the blood pressure to be maintained. It also improves muscle recovery during exercise.


Inostiol is a sugar that’s reminiscent of vitamins. It is often called as Vitamin B8, but is never a vitamin at all. The inositol is a component of supplements and the cell membranes that can improve one’s mental health. Inositol is often used in supplements for weight loss as it supports metabolism.

Intra-Workout Supplements

Intra-workout supplements are those that are used when exercising. These are oftentimes amino acid supplements such as the EAAs. Some could be BCAAs as well. These are used during workout as it toughens the muscles to prevent tearing. It also has the well-known benefits of boosting energy for better performance, improves your muscle growth, and also gives you better recovery time for extended periods of exercising.

Intuitive Eating

A term used for the capability to listen to the body when it comes to its needs in taking the right food.


Ipriflavone is a type of anabolic. This anabolic is capable of improving muscle growth, as well as endurance for longer workout sessions for further muscle improvement.


Iron is a very important mineral that’s present mostly in the blood, but so as the rest of the body. Iron provides a lot of important functions for the body. Its most known benefit is that iron transfers oxygen throughout the body. It also plays a role in the transfer of electrons and the reaction of enzymes to the human tissues.

Isolate Protein

Protein isolate, or also known as whey protein isolate, is a type of protein that’s often found in post-workout supplements. Whey is known to be separated when processing cheese from milk. The whey component is then dried up and processed so then most of the protein content in whey will stay intact. 


Kava Kava

Kava kava is often used in sports supplements as an ingredient that promotes sleep and rest.


Kelp is a product that is generated naturally by seaweeds, and is a popular extract of the plant as well. It is good for the thyroid, and it is also a known fat-burner.

Ketogenic Diet

Also known as keto diet. It is a type of diet that consists of foods that contain very high amounts of protein, as well as fats to burn for workout purposes.

Kola Nut

The kola nut is a known antioxidant, and contains a very high amount of caffeine. 


See Creatine 2.

Krill Oil

Krill oil is a natural byproduct of krill, which is a type of very small crustaceans. The extract from this animal is used in supplements due to its antioxidants and fatty acids. 


  1. Carnitine

Also known as carnatine. L-carnatine is a type of ammonium compound that has a very vital role in metabolism. Supplements rich in L-carnatine are considered as fat burners as it boosts metabolism. It also helps a lot in improving performance, increase recovery time, and can boost your brain health. After all, a good body needs a good mind as well.


L-Citrulline is an amino acid found in fruits such as watermelon. It is also produced by the human body as well. This is used as an ingredient in supplements to improve performance and boost energy, and is a popular ingredient in many sports supplements nowadays.


L-Dopa is a non-essential type of amino acid that helps transmit nerve signals for better brain activity.


L-leucine is an amino acid responsible for the synthesis of protein in the human body. This promotes muscle mass, and is found in BCAA and EAA supplements. 


L-lysine is an amino acid that’s used as an intra-workout supplement due to its benefits in muscle recovery and growth.


L-methionine is an amino acid that serves as an antioxidant, and also boosts the protein production in the body.


L-ornithine is an amino acid that promotes muscle recovery and boosts metabolism rate.


L-theanine is an amino acid that supports brain activity and mental health.


L-tyrosine is a different type of amino acid, as it is not an essential type. It is also capable of boosting mental health and brain activity.


L-Valine is a type of BCAA that improves the muscle repair and growth rate, which is perfect for post-workout supplements.


Lecithin is a compound that can be found in meats. Lecithin boosts organ function and brain function. It is also an ingredient for weight loss supplements since it is a fat-burner.

Lifting Straps

Lifting straps are fabric strips that are very thick. It is fitted on the waist, and is often wrapped on a dumbbell or barbell. This is intended for lifting very heavy plates that the hands cannot solely lift.This is intended for intense workouts.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane is a very popular ingredient in suports supplements. It is a type of mushroom that contains nootropics. Nootropics are capable of reducing depression and anxiety. It is also used as an antioxidant as well.

Liquid Grip

A type of chalk made of liquid that is applied to the hands. It helps with the grip needed for a proper lift when at the gym.

Liquorice Wine

Liquorice wine is a plant-based product that works as an antioxidant. It’s also good for digestion and liver health.


Longjack is a plant-based product that’s often found in men’s sports supplements, thanks to its ability to boost testosterone.


It is a popular antioxidant found in green vegetables. It is known for improving the health of the eyes.



The maca plant is also known as Peruvian ginseng. Maca when powdered is used as a potent supplement that helps greatly when it comes to sexual activity. It also promotes fertility in men and women alike. It also increases the sex drive, which results in higher libido.


Macronutrients are fats, protein and carbohydrates. Macronutrients are often counted when dieting in order to contain the amount of carbs and fats taken, while balancing it with the proper intake of protein. This is often checked for calorie checking when dieting, too.


Magnesium is a mineral that’s required by the body in order to improve the function of the body. Magnesium is a type of electrolyte that improves the activity of the enzymes, which is needed for digestion.


Maltodextrin is a type of polysaccharide that’s extracted from vegetables. It is used as an organic food additive in some snacks. It has a very high index for its glycemic levels, which is why moderation in taking maltodextrin is a must.


Manganese is an essential mineral for the body, as it maintains bone and joint health. It is also responsible for boosting energy in a natural way. 


Mangosteen is a fruit that’s often used in supplements that are rich in antioxidants. 


A powdered form of green tea. It is very concentrated which is why it is more bitter and flavorful than standard green tea. Matcha is known to be a powerful antioxidant just like green tea, and is popularly served as a drink or used as a flavor in various types of desserts.


Also called as medium-chain triglyceride oil, which is a medium-chain fat that can easily be digested by the body. MCT oil is capable of assisting in weight loss regimens, and contains a lot of health benefits. MCT oil is a well-known supplement for those undergoing a keto diet, and is often found in coconut oil.

Meal Replacement

A term used for supplements that are rich in carbohydrates, protein and fats. It is often used as a replacement for full meals as it provides the necessary nutrients needed for a more productive workout day. Meal replacement is not just used by bodybuilders, but also those who are undergoing a weight loss program. It also assists in gaining better muscle mass.


Melatonin is a hormone that is released by the pineal glad that’s found in the brain. Melatonin is the one that controls the body clock of a person, which determines their time to go to sleep. Supplements rich in melatonin are intended to provide a better way to rest and fall asleep.


A term used for the body’s chemical reaction to sustain a person or animal’s life for survival. Metabolism plays a huge role when eating and digesting food, and is oftentimes used as a basis for the rate calories are easily burned by your body.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a type of flowering herb which provides benefits for the liver and gall bladder. It is a powerful antioxidant, and has additional benefits for relieving the symptoms of diabetes.

Mindful Eating

It is the process of being fully aware of the food and drink that’s being consumed, in terms of all of the nutrients and unwanted stuff found in the food or drink. One of the most common means of mindful eating is by watching out the sugar or calorie levels found in a food or drink.


Mineral is a type of natural element that’s completely inorganic unlike amino acids. The body needs to have 30 vitamins and minerals in order to properly function throughout everyday. There are different purposes for each mineral required by the body, and health problems are caused by deficiency to a one or more minerals.


Also called as Methylsulfonylmethane. It is a compound that’s present in the body, and is responsible for maintaining one’s joint health. MSM is extremely important for bodybuilding to prevent any injuries related to exercise.


Multivitamins are supplements that contain up to 30 of the required vitamins and minerals that the body needs to have for a better mind and body function. Multivitamins are taken once or twice a day to receive the full benefits that vitamins and minerals can provide to the body and mind.



Stands for N-Acetyl and L-Cysteine. This is the form of cysteine when turned to a supplement, which is used as a building block for antioxidants.


Also stands for organic, and contains no chemicals. This term is often used for supplements that have organic ingredients in it.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is a colorless gas that is also known as one of the primary oxides found in nitrogen. This can also be used as a substance that can widen the blood vessels to promote better blood flow, which results in lowered blood pressure. However, most supplements that promote nitric oxide do not have the actual gas, but is known to be capable of assisting in providing the blood vessel benefit in the body.

New Zealand Protein

This refers to the protein found in the milk of cows that are grown and raised in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its top-quality milk, thanks for its strict policies in making the environment sustainable enough to safely grow cows that can provide milk. Thus, cows are fed with organic food only, such as grass. There are no hormones, antibiotics, GMO-enhancements, and other harmful chemicals applied to the cows in New Zealand. Therefore, cows in New Zealand are said to have a peaceful life, making their mood stress-free, which aids greatly in the production of their milk. No wonder why New Zealand serves the finest milk, cheese and butter.


A term used for food that does not consist of genetically modified crops and ingredients.


Noni is a plant that’s often used in sports supplements because of its antioxidants.


It is a type of substance that is extremely beneficial for the mental health and brain activity of its consumer. Supplements that are known as nootropics are known to be good for the memory, and can provide additional energy which is good for workouts. Also, a good mind means a sound body that’s well-conditioned for another day in the gym. Nootropics are also known to improve one’s mood.

NSF Certified

This is a global certification indicating that a product is safe for consumption. Companies that have the NSF certification means that they are often tested by the NSF to guarantee that they are distributing safe products for the public to consume when needed. Strict health and safety protocols are followed for a company to become NSF certified.



Octacosamol is a type of alcohol that also serves as an antioxidant that can support the transfer of oxygen throughout the body. Lactic acid buildup can also be prevented in the muscles with the help of octacosanol.


Octopamine is an amino acid that has a role in boosting metabolism. It also enhances brain function and is a fat-burner as well.


Stands for ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. It is used in supplements for post-workout purposes because it promotes muscle recovery and growth.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf extract, also known as olive oil, is known to boost the immune system. It is also a potent antioxidant.


Omega-3 is a type of fatty acid that’s often found in fish. Note that omega-3 can also be found in other seafood, nuts and seeds as well. Omega-3 is often used as a supplement, especially nowadays so then people can have a regular dose of omega-3. Omega-3 can improve skin, joint, heart, brain and eye health.


Omega-6 is a type of fatty acid. This is known to have the benefit of improving metabolism. It is also good for weight loss purposes. 


Omega-9 is a non-essential fatty acid that has the benefit of improving blood glucose levels. It can also promote healthy cholesterol levels, as well as a stronger immune system.

Oolong Tea

Extract that came from the oolong tea leaf is well-known as an antioxidant used in many sports supplements nowadays, just like green tea. It is also rich in caffeine, vitamins and minerals.


See natural.



It is a chemical made from eggs, fat and nuts. This is often used as a supplement that’s targeted for those who are suffering from pain and swelling caused by workouts.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is also known as Vitamin B5. Though not completely recognized as a vitamin, it is still beneficial for the body. It assists in red blood cell production, and generates more adrenaline, which is very good for building energy and increase performance when working out. 


Stores that sell medicine, supplements and other products target for health and wellness. 


Penubit is from the Gaba amino acid. It is good for improving nerve health, and promotes sleep and rest. 


Phenylalanine is an amino acid that can help convert the signaling of dopamine on the body, which in turn builds more energy. It is also very beneficial in burning fat.


A term used for the person’s body. This is often used in bodybuilding and dieting as it defines the form or tone of the body when gaining muscle or when fat is reduced.

Plant Protein

This is a type of protein made from brown rice, peas and hemp. This is an excellent source of protein.


The pomengranate is a fruit, which can be extracted for its antioxidants. This antioxidant-rich fruit also helps a healthier blood flow throughout the body.

Post-Workout Supplements

Post-workout supplements are used right away after workout. Most post-workout supplements support muscle growth, recovery and repair. It contains amino acids and protein, which is essential for muscle recovery when finally relaxing after intense training. Some post-workout supplements can also promote rest and sleep. Bodybuilders prefer post-work supplements that help repair and recover their muscle for them to exercise more when needed.


Potassium is a very important mineral in the body that’s found in some food such as bananas. It is very important for the nerve health, and improves performance when working out or playing sports.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are used immediately before training. There is a wide variety of pre-workout supplements, which entirely depend on what its consumer need. Those who are undergoing a weight loss program may take pre-workout supplements that increase their energy and muscle recovery time. That way, they can release more fat as they exercise longer. Bodybuilders prefer pre-workout supplements that can increase energy and boost their pump and performance levels. Some are focused on improving endurance of the muscle, or could a combination of everything explained. 


Helpful microorganisms that are extremely helpful for the intestines and stomach, promoting better digestion. Oftentimes, probiotics are sold as a drink.


The full form and sensation found in the muscles once workout is done. “Feeling pumped” is oftentimes what bodybuilders say once they are done working out. Being pumped has the benefit of better blood flow due to repeated muscle contraction done by workouts. 



Stands for R-Alpa-Lipoic Acid. It is a type of antioxidant that’s present in several types of food. However, the foods that contain R+ALA are synthetic and lab-made.

Raspberry Ketones

The ketones of raspberry are what gives the raspberry fruit its scent. Actually, ketones are also found in strawberry and other berries, as they are responsible for providing its distinctive fragrant scent. These ketones can be extracted as it is a fat loss ingredient for supplements. Raspberry ketones can also improve metabolism.


Also called as reps. It is a term used in bodybuilding which refers to the repetitions done by steps done in a certain exercise. For example, a single bicep curl is considered as a rep. Sets are composed of multiple reps.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a type of flowering plant present in majority of the Arctic areas of North America. The roots of the Rhodiola Rosea are considered as adaptogens, and are known to be good promoters of energy and endurance when working out. It also boosts mental function. 


Riboflavin is a B Vitamin that improves energy production, immune system function, and helps a lot in slowing down the process of aging in the body.


A type of kinesiology tape that’s used as a topical pain reliever. It also supports the joints when exercising, which is why this is more intended for middle-aged men who still do workouts.

Rose Hips

Rose hip extract is widely used in various health supplements, particularly for those who are focusing on antioxidants. Rose hips contain vitamins C and E, which are powerful antioxidants. It also contains flavenoids, and helps boost immune system function.


Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is a popular ingredient in supplements that focus on providing the omega-3 fatty acid. It is good for the heart, brain and lungs.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto extract is popular in sports supplements as it contains rich amounts of fatty acids. It also contains sterols and boosts prostate health.


Selenium is a naturally-occurring mineral that’s only used in very small amounts in order to assist with the body’s metabolism.


Refers to an amount of reps taken before taking a rest. For example, curls for your biceps requires 8 to 12 reps to form a set. Sets are separated by a strict timeframe of 30 seconds to two minutes, though most instructors recommend up to a minute’s rest only. See Reps.

Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottles are often used to mix supplements by shaking hard. There is a spring or ball present in shaker bottles, which ensures that the supplement powder and water will easily mix, as the spring or ball helps break up the supplement powder. Some also call this as a Shaker Cup.

Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage contains high amounts of calcium that’s perfect for bone health supplements. It also has glucosamine.


A more refined form of coconut oil.


A supplement stack is a combination of various supplements or components that are important for supplements. But oftentimes, the term stack is used when taking various supplements in a day. One notable example is what bodybuilders commonly do: taking a pre-workout supplement while adding a creatine supplement mixed with whey protein shake with EAA supplement intake afterwards.


Stevia is a well-known sugar substitute that came from the Stevia plant. Stevia is very safe for diabetics as it contains no calories, and does not contain the harmful components of sugar for those with high blood sugar levels already. Stevia is also a very good sweetener for those who can’t resist sweets as it is 200 times sweeter than white sugar. It is also a popular sweetener for supplement drinks without the need to add sugar. 


Sucralose is a type of artificial sweetener that has no calories or carbohydrates.


A superset is a type of training method where multiple sets of a certain type of exercise is executed with successful results. Superset can also be referred to performing one set each for two different exercises before taking the 30 seconds to two minute break.


Also called as dietary or sports supplement (depending on the product in question). Supplements are products that are made for providing the right amount of nutrients that might not be easy to attain by dieting. Supplements come in the form of tablets, pills, powders that must be mixed with water, as well as liquids. 


Synephrine is also known as bitter orange. It is often used for supplements that promote fat loss as it can suppress the appetite and increase body temperature to promote an easier means to burn fat. This is a perfect supplement for pre-workout because it can also increase energy. However, the nature of bitter orange was notorious enough for authorities to ban its usage in supplements.



Taurine is an amino acid of the sulfonic type, thus is not capable of building protein unlike the other amino acids. However, taurine is known to have amazing benefits for the body. Health supplements that contain taurine are known to be good in reducing inflammation when having injuries, improve performance, as well as boost energy. This is why taurine is also present in some energy drinks.

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters are supplements that have the ability to boost the testosterone hormone production, which is dominant in males. These boosters are good for the men’s reproductive health, sex drive and can improve muscle mass with regular intake.


The thyroid is a gland present near the throat, at the front of the neck. The thyroid generates thyroid hormones, which are known to have a huge role in the body’s metabolism.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a powerful ingredient in some supplements, particularly those that provide energy and sex drtive. Tongkat Ali is a herbal plan that has the scentific name Eurycoma longifolia. Tongkat Ali greatly supports men’s sexual drive, mood, and reproductive health function. It is a plant that’s native in Indonesia.


Tribulus terrestis is a plant that’s present in various sports supplements. Tribulus has the ability to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body. It is also well-known in supplements that boost sex drive and function, as it is capable of doing so once taken.


The triceps are muscles found at the back part of the upper arm, where the biceps are located at the front. This can straighten the forearm when straightened. The reason why it is called triceps is because it is composed of three muscles.


TUDCA stands for Tauroursodeoxycholic acid. It is found in the bile, which naturally occurs in the body. 

This can be extracted in order to be used as a nootropic. It has amazing benefits such as improvement of memory, cognitive function, as well as the capability to support mental health as well.


Turmeric is a type of spice that’s well known for its health benefits. Compared to ginger, it has a yellow color that spreads easily, which makes it a natural food coloring on some food. It has a mild, bitter and warm taste.



See COQ10.



Valerian came from some plants, and is good for post-workout supplements as it promotes sleep. It is also good for the mental health as it promotes a better mood as well.


Vasodilators are supplements that can provide blood vessel health benefits. It has the ability to widen the blood vessels, as well as widen it. With this benefit, blood pressure is effectively lowered, which is good for patients with high blood pressure. This results in better pumps at the gym, less soreness of the muscles, thus dramatically improving performance.


A lifestyle where a person will only commit to eating food that did not come from animals. This also includes the prohibition of honey, which came from bees. not just meat and dairy products. 


Vitamins are compounds that are found naturally in the environment and on some food. These come in small quantities, but are very vital for human survival. Vitamins come in different forms that are named as letters, such as Vitamins A, C and E. These have different benefits for the body, such as a boost in the immune system, improve brain function, improve the health of the eyes, skin and so on. Along with minerals, vitamins are considered as micronutrients, and should be taken by the body on a regular basis. Lack of vitamins and minerals will lead to deprivation of the micronutrient lacked by the person, which can lead to sickness. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a very important role towards the eye’s overall health.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a type of B Vitamin that has a huge role in the development of the brain, as well as improve the functions of the immune and nervous systems.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has a very important role in taking care of metabolism, blood cells and nerve health. Researchers also said that it has a vital role to the DNA, too.

Vitamin C

An extremely important vitamin that the body needs. Most people purchase supplements that contain Vitamin-C, or simply food supplements that focus on providing Vitamin C only. Vitamin C helps form blood vessels and cartilage. It is also responsible in improving the development of collagen in the bones, as well as the muscles. Vitamin C is also good for our immunity against sickness, and is an extremely powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin that is fat-soluble, and is produced by the skin. Vitamin D can be taken just by taking a walk under the morning sun, where the sun’s rays are safer for the skin until 9 to 10 in the morning. Vitamin D plays a huge role in bone health and improving the immune system.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin found in various types of food. It is a powerful antioxidant that is widely used in many products such as cosmetics and supplements. Vitamin E is often formed in the body once the food breaks down into nutrients. 

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is extremely helpful when it comes to blood clotting. It also toughens the bones. 


Whey Protein

Whey protein is a protein present in whey, a byproduct of milk that’s often separated when making cheese or yogurt. Whey comes as a liquid at first, but is dried up to ensure that the protein in whey will stay intact once it is processed for consumption. Whey protein is a very popular consumable by many bodybuilders around the world due to its high protein content, which is also known as protein concentrates. See Isolate Protein. 

White Willow Bark

The white willow bark came from willow tree barks, extracted for its pain relieving properties, and is a known cure for weak fever. It is also used the same way as aspirin.


A term used for exercising, often defined as a session of exercise within a day. 


Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate’s extract is helpful for boosting energy since it has caffeine. It also contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins. This is one of the best ingredients to use for sports supplements. 


Yohimbe is a type of herbal supplement that came from a tree called evergreen. This is a fat burner, as it helps heat up the body for fat to be burnt easier. It is also used for males to treat erectile dysfunction, and is often used in supplements for men that contains boosters for sexual drive due to its benefits.


Zeaxanthin is a type of micronutrient present in corn, turmeric and other yellow crops. This is a powerful nutrient needed for eye health. Also, it provides yellow crops their distinctive color.


An essential mineral that’s present in the body. Zinc has a powerful role in helping immune system health. Zinc is often seen in multivitamins and vitamin C supplements due to its contribution in boosting the immune system.


ZMA stands for zinc, magnesium and asparate, or vitamin B6. This is a type of supplement stack that’s safe for the body. ZMA is good for bodybuilders as it grants them an enhancement in the growth of their muscles. It also has other wonderful benefits such as increased energy, muscle recovery, muscle endurance, and a strength booster as well. This is widely used as a pre-workout supplement stack.

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